Thursday, January 1, 2009

Erika and Jon Get Married!!


In the journey of life you get opportunities to do things that you are unsure of. Photographing Erika and Jonathan's wedding was one of those things. I took their engagement photos and had a lot of fun, but to be responsible for an extremely important event in their life was huge. You can always retake engagement photos, but you can't retake Wedding photos. I even tried to back out of it a few months ago, but they really wanted me to do this job for them. I did do this because Erika and Jonathan have this unique and special bond that you can see when they are together. They had a long distance relationship and engagement. They didn't just live a couple of towns away, they lived a few states away from each other. For two people to commit to something that hard to go through, you know they are special people.

So I took on this huge responsibility and I am truly grateful that I did. I got to be around some of the most genuine people that I know and love and got to know new people that I grew to love in such a short time. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope I get to see all of you again one day. Maybe I can take their first baby photos!!

Thank you Erika and Jon, may your new journey together be a wonderful experience.

More Photos to come!!
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